My first exploration with a camera was taking photos of my young but growing family to have some memories for later in life. I knew there was more that could be done with the camera and before long I was hooked with a life long love of making pictures.

Looking for answers and ways to improve my photography I joined my local camera club to learn more and was soon entering competitions and exhibitions with a moderate degree of success in both. My next step was to apply for membership of The Royal Photographic Society and on being admitted soon gained my Licentiateship distinction.

I studied photography at Brunel University in Uxbridge on a part time basis, learning the disciplines of working in the darkroom as well as image design and composition. I worked exclusively with medium and large format cameras, developing the film and printing my images in the darkroom at home.

I now work exclusively with digital capture using some of the creative techniques with imaging software that were not possible in the darkroom. I still do all my own printing using Epson printers.

I see my photographic style as quite traditional, not having found some of the more wacky opportunities that can be created particularly pleasing, I prefer to make pictures that express the feeling for the subject I had when taking the picture. I will leave the more extreme “fiddling and diddling” to others who enjoy this type of image manipulation.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

                     - Ansel Adams